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At Seaton, we know that reading is the key to being able to access the full breadth of the wider curriculum and is a fundamental life skill that opens doors to the future.

As a school, we are determined that all children will learn to read fluently regardless of their background, needs or abilities. We want our children to move from learning to read, to reading to learn and to grow to love reading a wide range of literature.  

We aim to develop the following in all of our children: 

  • A love for reading where pupils choose to read frequently for enjoyment; 
  • The powers of imagination, creativity, inventiveness and critical awareness;
  • A natural curiosity and appreciation for words and their meanings and to acquire a wide vocabulary through a range of literature. 

Seaton’s reading curriculum aims to teach children the skills they need to decode before progressing on to being able to read fluently, and comprehend with confidence, in any subject.  

Our reading curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of all our children. Our teachers have carefully selected high quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts to immerse our children in through teacher led reading sessions and whole class reading lessons. We aim to promote diversity and prepare children for life in Modern Britain through text choices and carefully selected books which are used to generate discussions, debates and break down stereotypes. We do this through regular book talk and discussions of big questions in order for children to develop their own opinions on the texts they have read. We teach children explicit reading skills and support them to become resilient readers.  Our love of books is visible throughout our school: the children can access classroom reading corners, shared reading areas and we have a library and reading garden that the children can enjoy in their free time.


Our teachers are highly skilled at teaching reading both from the early stages through to the fluent competent reader.

Early reading is taught through Read Write Inc which is a systematic systematic phonics programe alongside extensive exposure to high quality books that ensure our children encounter rich and varied vocabulary. Children’s books are linked to the sounds they have been learning so they get to practice and embed what they have been taught.

In Key Stage 2 we teach reading ecplicitly using a bespoke Seaton Reading Programme which focus on developing fluency and comprehension.

Teachers instil a love and passion for reading.  Our engaging book areas, challenge books,  world book days, mastery reading through reading gladiators, daily story sessions are just a part of what our enriching reading curriculum offers.

We firmly believe that as teachers if we give children the right skills alongside the right books we can instil a love of reading that will foster lifelong readers.