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Bath Trip October 2023

On Tuesday 31st October, Year 4 pupils enjoyed a superb visit to the Roman Baths in Bath.

As part of our learning about the Romans, we enjoyed a trip to Bath to discover and explore the Roman baths in Bath. With exclusive access to part of the Roman site, we were able to reproduce Roman inventions such as the amazing strong arches they created to hold up the roof of the baths. We also used iPads to scan and classify relics and discover whereabouts in the complex they would have been. One of the pools that the Romans used on the site has been preserved and we were able to use it as archaeologists to uncover items from the past.

Exploring the museum is wonderful, there is so much to see and to learn. We all enjoyed using the audioguides. Some highlights were reading the curse tablets, where Romans who had been wronged in some way, for instance having their cloak stolen, would ask the goddess, Sulis Minerva to punish the offender.

We saw the different pools, the gymnasium and even tasted the waters! As part of our up-coming geography project, visitors were kind enough to answer our questions about tourism.

Despite the delays coming home, it was an incredible experience for all involved.